Sassy – Redcliffe Kennel Club Show 7th April 2024

Ch. Goldivine Simply Sensational
Sire: Wembury When The Saints(AI)
Dam: Kaparla Sing With One voice
Whelped: 27th April 2022
Hip: 4:5 | Elbow: 0:0 | Heart Clear |Eye Clear 2023
PRA1 PRA2: Clear |Ichthyosis: Carrier

Call Name Sassy

Achievements: with a number of Bitch Challenges Sassy had now received 100 points required to be called Australian Champion Goldivine Simply Sensational.


Pedigree of ” Aust Ch. Goldivine Simply Sensational 

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
SIRE Wembury When The Saints (AI) WW’21|It|Swiss|Int Sh Ch Olvinglay Soothsayer JW Int Sh Ch, C.I.E. Enterprise Oligarchia
It Ch. Xanthos Olvinglay
Wembury Thistle Crown Int.Ch, Dt.Ch. PL Ch, German Winner, Slo Winner, B.B. King Oligarchia J. German Winner
Wembury Reason To Believe
DAM Kaparla Sing With One voice MBIS/MRUBIS Aust Supreme Ch Kaparla Formula One (AI) SU (u) Ch Floprym Rivaldo
Aust Ch Kaparla Rhythm Omy Heart
Aust CH Kaparla Committed No Crime (AI) JEW’07, INT CH, SPA/PT/GBZ/DK CH, HR JCH Ritzilyn Rick O’Shay
Aust Ch Kaparla Back To Back (AI)